Bighorn National Forest



Rising between the Powder River and Big Horn Basins, this scenic country offers year round recreation connecting visitors to a land rich in history and solitude. For centuries, the mountain landscape has provided renewal for Native Americans, homesteaders and modern day explorers creating a human connection with this spectacular place. Today there is a bond with "the mountain" for local residents, which contributes to the quality of life in local communities. Viewing scenery and wildlife, while incorporating a rich history, connects locals and travelers to this accessible landscape. To view recreation features on the map below . . .   Click on the Forest Service shield for the area you want to visit: Buffalo, Greybull, or Sheridan. Then click on "Go to the Buffalo, WY page," for example,  to see a map showing the locations of campgrounds, trailheads, and other sites in that ranger district. 

Campgrounds inside Bighorn National Forest

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