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Simply put, Campflare is becoming expensive as hell to run. My brother and I, both college students, can only afford to pay so much out of pocket. And with servers costing thousands of dollars a month, we need your support. Any amount goes a long way. 100% of contributions go to paying for servers and text messages

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*Payments handled by Stripe. Recurring payments will renew every month until canceled. Contribution is not tax-deductible. For further questions, contact

Can I contribute via Venmo? Yes! You can Venmo us at @campflare.

Where does my money go? Paying for servers and text messages. We check each campground every 30 seconds or so, and send thousands of text messages and emails each day. Doing so is not cheap.

Why is Campflare needed? Campflare has enabled thousands to experience America's natural treasures — not just the rich and technically advanced. Read our Manifesto.

Is my contribution tax deductible? No. Campflare is not structured as a non-profit as it keeps operational costs low and allows us to move fast.

To our Amazing Supporters, thank you

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