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Availability alerts and outdoor data


Outdoor data has become somewhat gate kept, when it should be a public good. Although it is technically "open" data, obtaining such data is time consuming and expensive. We hope to level the playing field through the Campflare API.

Furthermore, we created the Campflare API to expand the reach of availability alerts — we want everyone to know about them, not just those who stumble across our website.

What data?

Currently, the API supports availability alerts for all campgrounds found on Campflare, and a small amount of additional campground data. We will be expanding functionally of the API greatly in the next couple months. Our goal is to become the go-to source of outdoor data.

From now on, all new data that is added to Campflare will also be accessible via the API.


The Campflare API is free forever for all individuals, non-profits, and businesses. We want to expand access to outdoor data as much as possible. For-profit companies with extensive use of the API require a cost reimbursement for their use.


We require that reasonable attribution must be given to Campflare wherever our data appears on your application.

Why? Our primary goal of our API is to increase the accessibility of outdoor data. Attribution informs users and businesses how they can use the same data.

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