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Kootenai National Forest



Vast by Nature, Uncrowded by Design Bordering Canada and nestled in the mountainous terrain of Northwest Montana the Kootenai National Forest hold impressive forests, wildlife and landscapes, including striking cliffs, spires, river canyons and the magnificent peaks of the Cabinet Mountains Wilderness and Whitefish Range. Whether your interest is recreation or local history, the KNF has something for just about everyone. Water, in all forms has played a significant role in shaping recreation with reservoirs, rivers, waterfalls, glacial lakes, and snow providing a variety of year rounds day-use activities. This vast uncrowded landscape has been the lifeblood for many peoples for thousands of years and continues to foster a pioneer spirit passed down through the generations. These ties to the land and history are the foundation for interpretation and education for new and traditional visitors. Whatever the season, the Kootenai National Forest contains 2.2 million acres in which to explore! Recreation opportunities on the KNF can be viewed as occurring in 7 fairly broad geographic areas, each centered around one or more distinctive features. These areas are the:   Yaak River Area (Three Rivers Ranger District - the most northwesterly point in Montana) Bull Lake Area (Three Rivers Ranger District - western access to the Cabinet Mountains Wilderness) Clark Fork River Area (Cabinet Ranger District - situated along the Clark Fork River and the southern end of the Cabinet Mountain Wilderness) Libby Area (Libby Ranger District - centered around the Kootenai River) Fisher River Area (Libby Ranger District - comprised of the Fisher River drainage and the chain of lakes area) Koocanusa Reservoir (Libby & Eureka Ranger District -centered around the reservoir and its major tributaries) Tobacco Plains Area (Eureka & Fortine Ranger District - open plains surrounded by rugged mountains) On our web site you'll find our recreation sites organized by these areas. So, note the area on our forest you'd like to stay or explore and then discover our recreation opportunites. Or, choose an activity and see where on the forest it is offered. Either way, we're sure you'll find exceptional recreation opportunities on the Kootenai National Forest.

Campgrounds inside Kootenai National Forest

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