Bitterroot National Forest



Two mountain ranges, separated by the Bitterroot River valley, in southwestern Montana and eastern Idaho comprise the Bitterroot National Forest.  Breathtaking scenery is provided by 30 deep, rocky, glaciated canyons breaking the sharp face of the Bitterroot range at regular intervals to the west. Most of this rugged range is wilderness. To the east, the Sapphire range presents a gentler horizon. The forest has plentiful big game, high quality water, and backcountry recreation opportunities including wild rivers, more than 35 campgrounds and picnic areas, 8 rental cabins and lookouts, and many water sport and winter play areas.  The links on the left under Recreation will provide you with more information about the many recreational opportunities available on the forest.

Campgrounds inside Bitterroot National Forest

Wilderness Permits inside Bitterroot National Forest

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