Headquaters Hookup (Sites 2-15)

Salton Sea State Recreation Area



Headquaters Hookup (sites 3-15)


This campground is a part of Salton Sea State Recreation Area. The Salton Sea is 238 feet below sea level. It was the northern end of the Gulf of California. Sediment from the Colorado River formed a land bridge that made it an inland sea. It has come and gone many times depending on the course of the Colorado River. With the controlling of the river the sea is now dependent on man for it's water supply. With a length of 35 miles and 15 mile width the sea has 110 miles of shoreline. This massive body of water in the desert looses about 6 feet of water to evaporation. The salt is left behind and the Salton Sea is now 25% percent saltier than the ocean. Once a very popular fishing area it now only supports Tilapia; other fish have disappeared the the high salt content. The Sea is still used for testing high performance water craft. In 2007 there will be an attempt to set a new world water speed record. Kayaking and bird watching are outstanding. Mid summer temperatures reach into the 120s.

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Headquaters Hookup (Sites 2-15)
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