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Bryce Canyon National Park Backcountry Permits

Bryce Canyon National Park

  • Corral Hollow
  • Iron Spring
  • Natural Bridge
  • Riggs Spring
  • Riggs Spring Group Site
  • Right Fork Swamp Canyon
  • Right Fork Yellow Creek
  • Swamp Canyon
  • Yellow Creek
  • Yellow Creek Group Site
  • Yovimpa Pass


Bryce Canyon National Park is best known for its hoodoos, intricately carved rock spires left standing through the processes of weathering and erosion. Hoodoos are best experienced through day hikes in the main amphitheater of Bryce Canyon. The backcountry trails of Bryce Canyon offer forests, meadows, stunning views of distant cliffs, wildflowers, wildlife, interesting geologic features and solitude, but few hoodoos.  There are two backcountry trails at Bryce Canyon, the Under-the-Rim Trail and Riggs Spring Loop Trail. Both descend below the rim into a pinon-juniper-ponderosa forest. The trails are strenuous, with multiple changes in elevation. Both trails may be hiked either direction. Elevation ranges from 6,800 feet to 9,115 feet. Under-the-Rim Trail The Under-the-Rim Trail is approximately 22.9 miles from Bryce Point to Rainbow Point. Three connecting trails intersect the Under-the-Rim trail at Swamp Canyon, Whiteman Bench, and Agua Canyon trailheads. Agua Canyon Connecting trail is currently closed. There are seven campsites on the 22.9 mile Under-the-Rim Trail. The Under-the-Rim trail can be broken up into the following sections: Bryce Point Trailhead to Swamp Canyon Trailhead Distance: 11.6 mi (18.7 km) / Elevation change: 1294 ft (349 m) Steep descent from Bryce Point through Hat Shop to Yellow Creek through juniper forests and gambel oak thickets. Hike through some sandy areas. Swamp Canyon Trailhead to Whiteman Bench Trailhead Distance: 3.6 mi (5.8 km) / Elevation change: 848 ft (259 m) Hike through plant communities. Excellent views across southeastern Utah and into northern Arizona.  Whiteman Bench Trailhead to Rainbow Point Trailhead Distance: 11.7 mi (18.7 km) / Elevation change: 1460 ft (445 m) Hike through interesting geology. This section of trail is known for rough terrain, but beautiful scenery and some sandy areas. Hike up and down ridges. Ponderosa pines yield to spruce, fir and aspen. Steep climb to Rainbow Point. Riggs Spring Loop Trail The Riggs Spring Loop Trail is an 8.6-mile loop, which begins and ends at the Rainbow/ Yovimpa Point trailheads. This trail descends to the valley below the cliffs at the south end of the park, through ponderosa pine, fir, aspen, maple, and gambel oak. There are four campsites on the 8.6-mile Riggs Spring Loop Trail.

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