Angels Landing: Summer (Hikes on June 1 – August 31)

Zion National Park

  • Start before 9AM


Zion National Park is piloting a permit program to hike Angels Landing. The program provides a fair process that will improve visitor experience and protect park resources along Angels Landing. Permits are required at all times of the year and times of day. Hikers must have a permit when accessing any portion of Angels Landing. Visitors are able to hike the West Rim Trail from the trailhead at the Grotto to Scout Lookout without a permit.    Permits to hike are issued by lottery in two ways: seasonally (1-3 months prior) and day-before (1 day prior). Permits are issued for different time slots each day. Each time slot represents a time range during which a hike should begin from the Grotto in Zion Canyon (for example, someone with a ‘Before 9 AM’ permit may begin their hike any time prior to 9 AM at the Grotto).    For both seasonal and day-before lotteries, applicants may enter each lottery once and apply for a permit for up to six people (including the applicant). When applying, up to seven dates or date ranges along with preferred start times may be selected in preference order. There is a $6 non-refundable application fee. Applicants issued permits will be charged a $3 per-person fee. The confirmation email will need to be shown (printed or downloaded/screenshotted) to park staff on the day of your hike.

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