Glacier National Park Wilderness Permits

Glacier National Park

  • ADA - Adair (NO FIRES)
  • AKO - Akokala Lake (No Campfires)
  • ARR - Arrow Lake (No Campfires)
  • ATL - Atlantic Creek (No Campfires)
  • BEA - Beaver Woman Lake (NO FIRES)
  • BOU - Boulder Pass (No Campfires)
  • BOW - Bowman Lake (NO FIRES)
  • BRO - Brown Pass (No Campfires)
  • CAM - Camas Lake (No Campfires)
  • COA - Coal Creek (NO FIRES)
  • COB - Cobalt Lake (No Campfires)
  • COS - Cosley Lake (No Campfires)
  • CRA - Cracker Lake (No Campfires)
  • ELF - Elizabeth Lake Foot (No Campfires)
  • ELH - Elizabeth Lake Head (No Campfires)
  • ELL - Lake Ellen Wilson (No Campfires)
  • FIF - Fifty Mountain (No Campfires)
  • FLA - Flattop (No Campfires)
  • FRA - Lake Francis (No Campfires)
  • GAB - Gable Creek (No Campfires)
  • GLF - Glenns Lake Foot (No Campfires)
  • GLH - Glenns Lake Head (No Campfires)
  • GOA - Goat Haunt Shelters (NO FIRES)
  • GRA - Grace Lake (No Campfires)
  • GRN - Granite Park (No Campfires)
  • GUN - Gunsight Lake (No Campfires)
  • HAR - Harrison Lake (NO FIRES)
  • HAW - Hawksbill (No Campfires)
  • HEL - Helen Lake (No Campfires)
  • HOL - Hole in the Wall (No Campfires)
  • ISA - Lake Isabel (NO FIRES)
  • JAN - Lake Janet (NO FIRES)
  • KIN - Kintla Lake (NO FIRES)
  • KOO - Kootenai Lake (NO FIRES)
  • LIN - Lincoln Lake (NO FIRES)
  • LNY - Lower Nyack (NO FIRES)
  • LOF - Logging Lake (NO FIRES)
  • LQU - Lower Quartz Lake (No Campfires)
  • MAN - Many Glacier (NO FIRES)
  • MCD - Lake McDonald (NO FIRES)
  • MOJ - Mokowanis Junction (No Campfires)
  • MOL - Mokowanis Lake (No Campfires)
  • MOR - Morning Star Lake (No Campfires)
  • NON - No Name Lake (No Campfires)
  • OLC - Ole Creek (NO FIRES)
  • OLD - Oldman Lake (No Campfires)
  • OLL - Ole Lake (NO FIRES)
  • OTO - Otokomi Lake (No Campfires)
  • PAR - Park Creek (NO FIRES)
  • POI - Poia Lake (No Campfires)
  • QUA - Quartz Lake (No Campfires)
  • REF - Red Eagle Lake Foot (NO FIRES)
  • REH - Red Eagle Lake Head (NO FIRES)
  • REY - Reynolds Creek (NO FIRES)
  • ROU - Round Prairie (No Campfires)
  • SLI - Slide Lake (NO FIRES)
  • SNY - Snyder Lake (No Campfires)
  • SPE - Sperry (No Campfires)
  • STO - Stony Indian Lake (No Campfires)
  • TMC - Two Medicine (NO FIRES)
  • UPK - Upper Kintla Lake (No Campfires)
  • UPN - Upper Nyack (NO FIRES)
  • UPP - Upper Park Creek (NO FIRES)
  • UPT - Upper Two Medicine Lake (No Campfires)
  • WAT - Waterton River (NO FIRES)


With its towering mountains, pristine alpine lakes, abundant wildlife, over 700 miles of trails, and 65 wilderness campgrounds, Glacier is a backpacking paradise. A permit is required for backpacking in the park. For complete details on securing wilderness camping advance reservations, visit the Glacier National Park Wilderness Camping Advance Reservations page. Due to individual differences in fitness, backpacking experience, and personal preference, we don’t offer specific trip recommendations. What we can tell you is that in the broadest sense, Glacier's wilderness comes in two flavors—east and west roughly split along the Continental Divide. Each trail on a respective side offers a similar "feel." West side trails start at around 3,200 feet in elevation, are more heavily forested, and offer the greatest solitude. East of the divide, trails start at around 5,000 feet and the terrain is more sparsely vegetated, creating more open vistas.  Glacier was recommended for inclusion in the National Wilderness Preservation System in 1974. National Park Service policy requires that the park’s character not be degraded and remain unimpaired for future use and enjoyment. Recommended wilderness lands are managed differently than front-country or backcountry areas, with minimal human manipulation of a diverse, intact, natural ecosystem. Remaining undeveloped, with minimal mechanization and modern influence, wilderness lands provide outstanding opportunities for solitude and primitive, unconfined recreation. As such, Glacier National Park is managed in a way to preserve its wilderness character for future generations.

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