Angels Landing: Spring (Hikes on March 1 - May 31)

Zion National Park

  • Start after 12PM
  • Start before 9AM


Zion National Park is piloting a permit program to hike Angels Landing. The program provides a fair process that will improve visitor experience and protect park resources along Angels Landing. Everyone who wants to hike from Scout Lookout to Angels Landing along the half-mile section of trail with chains needs to have a permit. This applies to hikers at all times of day and all times of year. Get a permit by applying to a Seasonal Lottery or by applying for our Day-before Lottery. Hikes during the spring, March 1 to May 31, 2023 can be found on this page. See ‘Additional Information’ on the right hand side of this website for other seasons with active lotteries. Hiking on the West Rim Trail to Scout Lookout does not require a permit.     A permit is an opportunity, not a guarantee that conditions will allow a hike on your date and time. Environmental or trail conditions may result in the NPS closing the trail and you may not be able to do the hike. If parking is full you may need to park at a nearby trailhead, or return later when parking is available. Zion Canyon Scenic Drive may close due to parking availability. During most of the year, private vehicles are not allowed on the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive, and the park shuttle provides access to the trailhead. Check park website for shuttle dates.  When you apply for the Seasonal lottery, you can pick up to 7 days and times or ranges of days and times that you are available to hike. Be sure to list the dates you want most first. The lottery uses a ranked choice system to allocate permits. If you do not get your first choice, you may get another.   You can list up to six people (including the applicant) on your lottery application.     Applicants pay a $6 non-refundable application fee. This pays for to manage applications, run the lottery, and send emails to every applicant. You will automatically pay a $3 per person fee if issues a permit. This pays for National Park Service rangers to provide help on the trail and check permits.    If you get a permit, you need to print or download it to bring on your hike. Cellular and data connectivity in the park are poor, so do this before you get to Zion. You may be asked to show your permit and valid photo identification to rangers at any point along the trail.  Throughout the pilot, the effectiveness of the program will be monitored and adjustments may be made. As the first year of implementation closes, initial results of the pilot and major adjustments for future hikes will be shared. Commercial Use Authorization holders must refer to the FAQs on the Zion Commercial Services website .

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