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Commercial permits for Angels Landing are issued through this page. Permits are issued to commercial tour companies that hold an applicable and current Commercial Use Authorization with Zion National Park.   Commercial activities take place in a variety of ways at Zion National Park. One of the most frequent is through Commercial Use Authorizations (CUAs). CUAs are limited authorizations to provide specific visitor services within the boundaries of Zion National Park. Services include a variety of activities such as guided hiking tours, photography and painting workshops, bicycle tours, motorcycle tours, and recreational shuttle services. To learn more about these commercial operations and how to become a CUA at Zion National Park please visit the park's CUA website .  Angels Landing is one of the trails in Zion National Park where commercially guided hiking occurs. As part of the Angels Landing Pilot Permit Program, the park distributes a finite number of permits to CUA holders intended for their clients. During the pilot program, the park is working with CUAs to identify effective and fair ways to distribute permits. The number of permits equates to 2% of use along Angels Landing, which reflects previous levels of commercial guiding on the trail.  A permit is an opportunity, not a guarantee that conditions will allow a hike on a specific date or time. Environmental or trail conditions may result in the NPS closing the trail.

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