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Machicomoco State Park

United States


Machicomoco State Park is located in the southern part of Gloucester County along the York River. Located approximately 10 miles downriver from Werowocomoco, the landscape of Timberneck was most certainly associated with Tsenacommacah and Powhatan’s extensive Chiefdom. An open-air interpretive pavilion provides information on culture, landscape and movement of Virginia Indians through displays and a walking path in the landscape. A paved trail follows along the main park road for walking or bike riding. The surrounding land provides for diverse wildlife habitat, from open fields to woodlands and waterfront/marsh areas supporting deer, turkey, and many species of songbirds and birds of prey. Other amenities include a campground with sites for vehicle camping as well as walk-in tent sites, 3 overnight yurts, two picnic shelters, a car-top boat launch pier with accessible boat entry structure, and a set of small floating docks on Timberneck Creek for daytime boat tie-ups and fishing.

Campgrounds inside Machicomoco State Park

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