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Tuscarora State Forest

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Brochure InfoTuscarora State Forest gets its name from Tuscarora Mountain, named for the Iroquois tribe that once inhabited the area, and spans 96,025 acres across multiple counties. For more information visit the Tuscarora State Forest website or Facebook page.Brochure Info - OrientationTuscarora State Forest lands cover the narrow valleys and steep, rocky ridges of the ridge and valley region of southcentral Pennsylvania. These fertile, well-watered sites are ideal for growing majestic oak and hemlock forests. There are abundant populations of most wildlife species native to this region. Forests of the lower slopes are essentially mixed-oak communities with pockets of white pine among black birch, sugar maple, beech, hickories, basswood, and tulip trees. There are many unique natural features in the Tuscarora State Forest and there are several State Forest Natural Areas that include some of the most noteworthy. The Hemlocks Natural Area consists of 120 acres of virgin hemlock in a narrow ravine of about one and a half miles in length. The Hoverter and Sholl Box Huckleberry Natural Area is a true treasure and one of the most unique sites in the state. This isolated 10-acre tract contains a rare colony of box huckleberry which is a single plant estimated to be 1,300 years old.Brochure Info - RecreationThe Tuscarora and its contiguous blocks of state forest offer opportunities for primarily dispersed recreation in remote and mountainous terrain. Hiking and backpacking are popular activities with 23 miles of the Tuscarora Trail passing through the district. Other popular destinations include the one-mile Tunnel Trail and the10-mileIron Horse Trail. There are an additional 167 miles of district trails, many of which are also open to horseback riding and mountain biking. The beauty of the Tuscarora can be taken in at three scenic vistas and touring of the forest is popular on its 157 miles of public use roads. These are excellent locations to view wildlife and brilliant fall foliage and can also serve as access and gateways to additional recreation. Hunting and fishing are traditionally important with the diverse forests and clear cool streams providing excellent habitat. In winter there are over 100 miles of snowmobile trails and 11 miles of cross country ski trails. Camping in the Tuscarora State Forest is a great way to get away from it all and spend a night in the great outdoors. These designated, roadside campsites are identified by signpost and campsite name. Most are remote, designated sites with no amenities although some may include a fire ring and picnic table. Some sites may require a short walk-in from the road while others can be immediately accessed by vehicle. For trail maps visit the Tuscarora State Forest Map webpage.Brochure Info - Facilities and RestrictionsThe Tuscarora State Forest is managed primarily for dispersed recreation and there are minimal facilities, however picnic facilities are offered at Karl B. Guss State Forest Picnic area in Juniata County. Trailheads and parking is available throughout the forest and the Resource Management Center has information and maps.Brochure Info - Nearby AttractionsColonel Denning State Park, Little Buffalo State Park, Fowlers Hollow State Park, Big Spring State Park, and State Game Lands 88, 169, 215, and 251.Key InfoOccupants are also subject to the following permit conditions: 1. Campfires, when permitted, require that adequate precautions be taken to prevent the spread of fire into the forest. All other fires are prohibited. Campfires shall be attended at all times. Campfires in both fire rings and in fireplaces are prohibited when the forest fire danger is determined by the Department to be High, Very High, or Extreme and between March 1 through May 25 without authorization from the District Forester or designee. This prohibition does not apply to self-contained camp stoves when used in a safe manner. A person causing a wildfire, in addition to possible criminal penalty, is liable for all damages, costs of extinction and fines. 2. Dead and down wood may be gathered and burned when permitted but may not be removed from the site. Power tools and chain saws are not permitted. 3. Destruction of Property, damaging, defacing, or removing any sign, structure, equipment or other material is prohibited. 4. Occupants shall include at least one person 18 years of age or older. This permit may not be reassigned or transferred. 5. Pets are permitted on State Forest land if they are kept under control and attended at all times. Manure and pet waste must be disposed of properly. 6. Disorderly conduct including the following is prohibited. Fighting or other behavior that is threatening, violent or tumultuous; using obscene language or making obscene gestures; creating a hazardous or physically offensive condition by any act which does not serve a legitimate purpose of the actor; creating an unreasonable noise that may disturb other visitors to State Forest land. 7. Sanitation and Food Storage:Washing in a water outlet, spring, lake or waterway and discharging trailer, camper or motor home sewage, sink or bath water on or into ground or surface waters is prohibited. Toilets must be used where provided. In other locations, self-contained toilets must be used when required or human waste deposited in hole 4-6 inches deep, 200 feet from water, campsite, or trails and covered and disguised. Food must be stored properly to prevent interaction with wildlife. Littering or disposal of garbage, paper, household refuse, waste or other material is prohibited. 8. Parking which obstructs a gate, road, trail, footpath, bicycle path, access way, entrance, exit or road turnaround on State Forest land is prohibited. Parking in area designated for a person with a disability, by the Department, is prohibited unless the vehicle has a valid plate or valid placard. 9. Cutting, picking, digging, damaging or removing a living or dead plant, vine, shrub, tree or flower on State Forest land without written authorization of the District Foresters or a designee is prohibited. Edible wild plants or plant parts may be gathered without authorization if they are gathered for own personal or family consumption. 10. Removing or disturbing historical or archeological resources from State Forest land without written authorization of the District Forester or a designee is prohibited. 11.Target Shooting with firearms, bows arrows or devices capable of launching projectiles, causing injury to persons or property is prohibited. This includes paintball guns. Violations: Violations of forest rules and regulations, or violations of a condition of this permit could result in any or all of the following consequences: 1. The permit may be revoked. This would result in the occupants being required to vacate the facility immediately. 2. The occupants may be required to leave the forest. 3. The occupants may be cited for a violation of the forest rules and regulations, a summary offense. 4. The occupants are responsible for any damage to campsite and related facilities that occurred during or due to their occupancy.Important Information for Daily EntranceDirectionThe Tuscarora Resource Management Center is located on PA-274 about 5 miles west of Blain. GPS: 40 18 08, 77 35 22Booking Window Product InfoFee Cancellation DescPlease read our Fees and Cancellation Policies

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