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Nehalem Falls Campground

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Brochure InfoNehalem Falls campground is located in the old-growth forest just east of Nehalem Bay and provides a wide array of activities and ameneties for all groups of campers. Situated right next to Nehalem Falls, visitors can hike along the river and take in the scenic views of the falls and fish or go hounding for rocks and gems along the shore.Key InfoFacilities are open mid-May to mid-September with first come first served designated drive-in site for $20 per night. Currently, only the group site is reservable for $50 per night. This is an Oregon Department of Forestry operated campground. Maximum occupancy for the group site is 24 people. Please be aware that group site has a roughly 48'x28' parking area. Vehicles that do not fit within this area will need to park in the designated overflow parking. Discharge of any firearm, pellet gun, bow and arrow, slingshot, or other weapon capable of injuring any person, bird or animal is prohibited. Important Information for Daily EntranceDirectionTravel on Highway 101 to MP 56.8 Turn onto Miami Foley Road Travel 11.6 miles turn RIGHT onto Foss Road Travel 7 miles and take a LEFT into the Campground Booking Window Product InfoFee Cancellation DescThere is an $8 reservation fee per site reserved. An $8 transaction fee is charged for any date or site changes made to an existing reservation. *Reservations for more than five nights/days that are later changed to fewer nights/days by cancelling nights at the end of the stay will only pay an $8 transaction fee. Reservations for more than five nights/days that are later changed to fewer nights/days by cancelling nights at the beginning of the stay will pay an $8 transaction fee and the nightly rate for each night cancelled. Date changes or cancellations to reservations cannot be made until 5 months (150 days) in advance of arrival date. For further information on reservation, change and cancellation policies please go to General Rules.

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