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El Vado Lake

United States


Key InfoCHAMA (HIKING) TRAIL New Mexico is beginning our Outdoor Recreation Plan and needs your input! The plan will: Address the state and nation's outdoor recreation trends and their economic impacts Inventory the state's resources and address how best to protect them Help determine the state's priorities for awarding federal funds from the Land and Water Conservation Fund Important Information for Daily EntranceDay Use Pass Entrance Permits should be printed and placed on your dashboard so that it is visible to Park Rangers at all times. Failure to display the permit could result in a citation. If you are unable to print your permit, please proceed immediately to a self-pay station in the park and follow the instructions found there for filling out a Self Pay Permit.DirectionFROM THE INTERSECTION OF US 64/84 AND STATE ROAD 112 TURN LEFT ON SR 112 AND GO 13 MILES UNTIL YOU REACH THE EL VADO STATE PARK ROAD AND TURN RIGHT AND TRAVEL 4 MILES TO THE ENTRANCE OF THE PARK.Other Phone NumbersRA Phone Number: 1-877-664-7787 (Reservations)Booking Window Product Info

Campgrounds inside El Vado Lake

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