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Point Bridget State Park

United States


Brochure InfoThis beautiful 2,850 acre state park, located forty miles north of Juneau, offers meadows, cliffs, spectacular views, salmon spawning streams, rocky beaches, and the sea. In the winter the meadows and open forest allow for excellent skiing and snowshoeing opportunities. Point Bridget Trail begins with a packed gravel that descends to a rainforest muskeg. Approximately 1.4 miles from the trailhead are beaver meadows offering unique wetlands and fields. Horse Meadow transitions next with spectacular wild flowers peaking in late June; horses are occasionally seen here. The trail meanders in and out of the meadow before reaching Cowee Meadow Cabin . A short planked trail leads from the cabin to a berm of natural accumulation of sand and the scenic shoreline. Blue Mussel Cabin is another .8 miles of forest that parallels cliffy shoreline. The small but pretty Cedar Lake lies 380 feet above sea level, approximately 8/10th of a mile from Cowee Meadow cabin and 1.3 miles from Camping Cove. The trail is a more primitive and difficult section with some grade, many tree roots, and uneven surfaces.Brochure Info - RecreationCamping, Hiking, photograpy, wildlife/ nature viewingBrochure Info - Facilities and RestrictionsPoint Bridget State Park has 3 public use cabins and approximately 8 miles of trail.Brochure Info - Nearby AttractionsNumerous wildlife viewing opportunities and scenic views.Key InfoAlways be ready for rain and soft wet ground/be prepared to stay dry and warm. Carry signaling devise in case of an emergency (orange cloth/flares/etc.). Carry first aid items, flashlight (particularly in winter), snack and a fire starter. Surface water should be boiled or treated before drinking. Be prepared for bear encounters. Respect the bears, give them the right of way and make a lot of noise (some hikers put bells on their packs and carry whistles to alert bears to their presence). Always tell a friend, relative, or park ranger (465-4563) where you are going and when you expect to return.Motorized vehicles prohibited. Fires in authorized structures or on sand or gravel bars only. Fireworks and explosives are prohibited. Discharge of firearms prohibited within 1/2 mile of cabins, trails, and road. Disturbing or damaging natural objects prohibited. Permit required for more than 20 persons. Important Information for Daily EntranceDirectionPoint Bridget State Park is located 39 miles north of Juneau on the Veterans Memorial Hwy. Also available by boat via Lynn Canal.Booking Window Product InfoFee Cancellation DescCancellations: Cancellations must be made at least 3 calendar days prior to arrival date for a full refund (does not include transaction/cancellation fees). Cancellations must be made through www.reserveamerica.com . You must cancel your reservations online, from your account. If you fail to cancel in a timely manner, or fail to use the facility for reasons other than the exceptions listed below, a refund is not available. Changes/Transfers: Changes/Transfers must be made 2 calendar days prior to your scheduled arrival date and incur a $3 change/transfer fee. Changes where the reservation is extended will not have an additional change fee. Refunds: Park Staff are not authorized to give cash refunds. Refunds for canceled reservations online will be made by issuing a credit to the card used for payment. Exceptions: If you were unable to use the facility due to events beyond your control, such as extreme weather/hazardous conditions (as determined by Alaska State Parks), or closure of a road, trail, or facility by the State, you may request a refund. Requests for refunds must be made within three (3) business days of the last date of your reservation to the Alaska Department of Natural Resources Public Information Center at 907-269-8400. Please provide your reservation number when you call. Extreme weather in the Northern Region is defined as Minus 30 F for the "Hunt Memorial", "North Fork", and "Chena River" Cabins; Minus 20 F for all other cabins and ice huts. In the event of a natural emergency or sudden campground/site closure, a full refund will be issued. The Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation reserves the right to make the final determination of whether a refund will be issued.

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Point Bridget State Park
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