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Grand Island, located in Lake Superior near Munising, Michigan, is a perfect destination for outdoor activities such as swimming, hiking/biking, fishing and hunting, and boat access. It is home to 13,500 acres of lush forest, pristine sandy beaches, and historic buildings and artifacts. The nearby attractions of Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Hiawatha National Forest, and the City of Munising offer the perfect opportunity for a fun and memorable experience.


Grand Island is located in Lake Superior, about one-half mile from the mainland community of Munising, Michigan. Munising is about 43 miles from Marquette and 55 miles from Manistique. Grand Island is the perfect place to spend a day or even just a few hours biking and exploring. The island's breathtaking overlooks, pristine sandy beaches, fascinating cultural sites, deep hard woods, and inland lakes make it an exciting and secluded destination.


Swimming - The lake bottom is sandy, with small rocks, or solid rock depending on what site you choose. Lake Superior can be cold with average high temperatures reaching only the high 60s (degrees Fahrenheit). Be cautious when swimming because this area has not been checked for possible hazards. Please remember, you swim at your own risk.

Hiking/biking - Over 30 miles of hiking and mountain biking trails provide wonderful opportunities for day-trips and give access via unsurfaced trails to some of the Island's most spectacular scenery.

Fishing and Hunting - Lake Superior has Coho salmon, lake trout, perch, pike, walleye, and rock bass. Game species on the island include deer, bear, rabbit, grouse, and ducks. A Michigan fishing, hunting and/or trapping license is required. (See the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Fishing Guide for license information and special regulations for Echo and Duck Lakes.)

Boat Access - There are a number of sand beaches where a boat could pull up to shore. Murray Bay, Trout Bay and North Light Creek areas have the largest sand beaches with little to no rock obstructions. There are several areas around the perimeter of the island where kayakers can gain access. Be aware that there are very few locations on the northwest and northeast sides that are not cliff. There is no boat launch or public dock facility on Grand Island. Personal watercraft (SeaDoo/Jet Ski) are not allowed on the shores of Grand Island. The dock at Williams Landing can be used for loading and unloading only. Boats may not park at the dock.


Drinking water is available at Williams Landing, Juniper Flats, Farrell Cottage, and Murray Bay Day Use Area. If traveling elsewhere on the island, bring water with you or filter/boil/treat surface water. Keep soaps and detergents out of lakes and streams. Wash dishes and clothes in a pot and dispose of the waste water in a hole at least 100 feet from the nearest water supply. Bathe in a similar manner.

Shelter Ridge: Located near the North Light Creek, this site is approximately 10 miles from William's Landing. The site can accommodate 6 people and 2 tents. A primitive latrine, food storage pole, fire ring and benches are provided in/near this campsite. Shelter Ridge can be accessed either by the island's trail system or by water. Kayakers can access this site via the North Light Creek beach. Pull kayaks to shore, and hike approximately 100 yards east from the North Light Creek bridge. Kayaks may be secured on the beach or carried to the campsite. Due to the potential exposure to strong north winds, it is recommended that kayaks not be left unattended near the water's edge.

Natural Features

Grand Island, a Congressionally designated National Recreation Area (NRA), boasts massive 300-foot wave-cut sandstone cliffs; 13,500 acres of lush forest; beaches of fine sand; winter ice caves; and historic buildings and artifacts dating back as far as 2,000 BC, to name just a few of its highlights! The island's scenic natural beauty and interesting history make it an attractive place for camping and other outdoor activities.

Nearby Attractions

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Hiawatha National Forest, and the City of Munising are all in the area. Well known attractions include the Pictured Rocks Cruises, and Riptide Rides. The Munising area provides a variety of restaurants, hotels, camping opportunities, and outfitters. Local outfitters provide guided and self-guided kayak, canoe, pontoon, and mountain bike rentals.
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