Middle Delaware National Scenic & Recreational River Primitive Campsites

Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area



Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area offers 62 primitive campsites located along the banks of the Delaware River, providing visitors with a great outdoor experience. You can take in nature by sleeping under the stars, listening to birds chirping, tree frogs and the river running by, and also have the possibility of seeing some wildlife. Additionally, each site has different amenities such as campfire rings, pit toilets, clivus composting toilets, and porta johns. Make sure to plan ahead and wear a life jacket for your safety!


When it comes to Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, we have many options for a great outdoor experience. The Middle Delaware National Scenic & Recreational River Primitive Campsites offer 62 campsites located along the Delaware River running through the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. Camping is limited to one night per campsite (zone). After one night all campers must move to another camping zone if they plan to camp along the river additional nights.

This part of the Delaware River is relatively unspoiled as it travels through the rural landscape. A stay at one of these campsites located along the Delaware River will give you your fill of nature. You will be able to sleep under the stars, hear the birds chirping, listen to the tree frogs, listen to the river running by, and hopefully see some wildlife along the way.  

Delaware Water Gap NRA's zoned approach to the primitive river campsites are as follows:

  • Zone 1- North Park boundary to Milford Beach
  • Zone 2- Milford Beach to Dingmans Boat Launch
  • Zone 3- Dingmans Boat Launch to Bushkill Boat Launch
  • Zone 4- Bushkill Boat Launch to Smithfield Beach
  • Zone 5-Smithfield Beach to Kittatinny Point 

The zone reservation system allows visitors to reserve camping permits within 5 designated river zones. Upon arrival boaters may pick any one of the available sites within the river zone they have reserved an overnight camping permit for. This allows boaters the freedom and spontaneity of choosing a site while on the river while also offering the predictability that a campsite will be available upon arrival. We recommend finding the campsite of your choice, within your designated zone, sooner rather than later in the day. Although we will only sell permits according to the number of sites in a specific zone, there is no guarantee the site you "want" will be available when you boat there. Make sure to plan alternatives if you pass open campsites and choose to keep going.


A Lifejacket Can't Save Anyone If All People Onboard Don't Wear One

  • Children aged 12 and under MUST wear Coast Guard-approved lifejackets at all times when on the river.
  • Jackets must fit appropriately, and be fully fastened to be effective. Wearing a life jacket is not just common sense, it is THE LAW.
  • Lifejackets aren't just for kids. Any person paddling or boating MUST have their own US Coast Guard approved lifejacket or PFD onboard and readily accessible in case of emergency.
  • All boaters must wear lifejackets on boats less than 16 feet in length and on canoes and on kayaks, from November 1 through April 30, to protect boaters from cold water shock if they fall into the water.
  • Always wear your lifejacket on and in the water.

Some helpful tips when it comes to any incident on the Delaware river during your visit:

  • Stay Calm and remove yourself to a safe area; Help will come to you
  • Contact 911, or the park Emergency Operations Center at 570-426-2457 if you have an emergency
  • Know your surroundings; Keep an eye out for important landmarks to describe where you are located in an emergency
  • Download the NPS app to your phone prior to your visit and download the maps for Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. Keep your phone and identification in a waterproof bag for safety.


Each of the campsites located at the Middle Delaware National Scenic & Recreational River Primitive Campsites offer a campfire ring but different amenities as far as toilets. Some of the sites have pit toilets, some sites utilize clivus composting toilets, and a few others have porta johns. 

Natural Features

The Middle Delaware National Scenic & Recreational River Primitive Campsites are located along the banks of the Delaware River. At each of these sites you will find many different forms of natural features. Some of the natural features you may see are trees, plants, bugs, and animals. All of the primitive campsites are situated under tall hardwood trees providing shade for the warm summer months of camping. 

Charges & Cancellations

A $10.00 service fee will apply if you modify your reservation or change your stay dates. Cancelling your reservation prior to 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time two nights before your stay will incur a $10.00 cancellation fee. Camping reservations cancelled the day before and day of arrival incur a $10 cancellation fee and forfeit the first night's use fee.

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