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Blue Lake Campground is located in the South Warner Mountains of the Modoc National Forest, where visitors can enjoy a tranquil and scenic setting. The lake is deep blue in color and the fishing is great! Take a 3 mile trail around the lake, explore the nearby wilderness trails, or enjoy OHV use in the neighboring area road systems. There are plenty of pine trees for shade, and water is available late May-early October. Come enjoy a true nature experience at Blue Lake Campground!


The Blue Lake Campground is situated in the beautiful South Warner Mountains of the Modoc National Forest in a tranquil and remote area of northeastern California. Blue Lake was formed from a massive landslide several thousand years ago. Over time, the land filled up with water from snow melt and rain where blue lake is today. Blue Lake is truly deep blue in color and remains ice cold even during the hotest days of summer! The fishing is great, and there's a 3 mile trail that goes around the entirety of the lake. Come enjoy your National Forest land by visiting the Blue Lake Campground this summer!


There is a trail around the lake 3 mile, along with many opportunities to walk and bike around the paved campground roads and boat dock area. There are several wilderness trailheads within 6-15 miles from the site as well. The South Warner Wilderness has many trails to offer a true solitude experience away from the big city. Off-highway -vehcle (OHV) use is also a popular recreation activity in the neighboring area road systems.


Water is available most of the summer season from late May-early October. Please call ahead of time and check if the water is potable early in the season! Sometimes it takes a while to get the system up and going for the season.

Natural Features

There are many ice cold mountain streams feeding into and coming out of Blue Lake. The campground is situated in a lower part of the mountains, but the entire campground is surrounded by mountain ridges scattered with ponderosa pine, Jeffrey pine, incense cedar, and aspen trees. There was an intense wildfire that came through the area back in 2003, so many of the hillsides near Blue Lake are in the process of regenerating tree stands. Fortunately, the campground was saved from the fire, so there are plenty of big pine trees for shade!

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